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Edinburgh Photography Studios

Edinburgh Photography Studios is one of Edinburghs best photo and film studio hire spaces, based in the exciting Spilt Milk Social Club in Leith, the very heart of Edinburgh’s creative scene. A familiar studio space to many that now benefits from a major upgrade.

the studio and prices



It has a floor space of 90m2 which provides ample area for photographic and video productions. 

How to Hire - To hire the space you can book your session at Edinburgh photography studio, drop us an email with your requirements and we will be happy to help and answer any questions. The Edinburgh photography studio is usually open from 9am Mon-Fri and from 10am Sat-Sun.

Email: edinphotostudio@gmail.com

Phone: 07724768232 - 07825161917

Backgrounds and Backdrops - We have two permanent seamless wall backgrounds, one white and one green screen along with a selection of seamless paper backdrops to use as well.

The equipment at the Edinburgh Photography Studio Ltd -

For the Photographers: The studio is fitted out with a 3 head Elinchrom BRX500 kit, with a selection of modifiers, in addition to this we also have a pro Bowens Kit Gemini 500 2 head kit as well.

Selection of light modifiers - Elinchrom 150cm indirect Octa, Elinchrom 100cm Octobox, 2x Elinchrom rectabox 90x110cm softboxes, 2x Elinchrom stripbox 50x130cm soft boxes, Elinchrom snoot, Elinchrom 18cm reflector with honeycomb, Bowens fit Beauty Dish 1x portalite 66cm square soft box, 1x portalite 56cm octane soft box, 1x translucent deflector , 1x 85cm silver umbrella, Interfit head with snoot, Reflectors, sky port plus transmitters

Seamless Paper Backdrops - Black, white, grey, blue, yellow, pink and cream

For the Videographers: The studio is kitted out with 4 Neewer bi-colour 660 LED panels.

Specialist Rentals - All of our equipment comes as standard with every booking but if you are needing anything special then we have a WEX Photographic around the corner where you can rent almost anything just click the link bellow for more information. (Please note that we are not connected with WEX in any way)

Wex Photographic rental: https://rental.wexphotovideo.com

The Edinburgh Photography Studio Rates



Perfect if you only need a short time in the studio. You can rent the studio for a minimum of 1 hour with full use of all the equipment available, the sessions are charged at full hour intervals.



Got a bigger shoot, then the half day session might be a good option.



If you have a more involved shoot then give yourself plenty of time with the full day session perfect if you need a bit of build and take down time or get a few looks.

Students receive a 10% discount with a valid student card.


Studio Photography workshop

Studio photography can be complicated for even the most advanced photographer, and with the broad range of products available knowing where to start can be confusing. This course aims to demystify studio photography, explaining the jargon and making it easy to understand. You will be shown new techniques and how to set up lights, and then given the opportunity to try out your new skills with various lighting styles and a live model.

This course is for you if you

Understand aperture and depth-of-field

Use manual controls

Can use your shutter controls and effects

Understand ISO

On this course you will learn

Subject Lighting

One light source

Multiple light sources

Using the following studio equipment






Recommended kit - DSLR - Mirrorless camera -Lens -Batteries and memory cards, laptops

Studio Workshop

10:30-2:30pm -


8 people for the course

date - 15th of June